Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NIxon's the One! In 1960!

It wouldn't take much change for Nixon to have won in 1960. A gaffe on the part of Kennedy, perhaps, or rumors of his promiscuous sexual behavior (which we now know to be true), gaining traction. But I like the idea of Rockefeller agreeing to become his VP, which he turned down in our timeline. That might give Nixon New York and one other, maybe New Jersey, and the presidency. So let's see where this takes us:

1960Rep. Richard Nixon/Nelson A. 
John F. Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson

Vietnam never develops into a
large-scale conflict. Nixon turns
the Bay of pigs into a success and Cuba is liberated.

1964Rep. Richard Nixon/Nelson A. Rockefeller
Dem Lyndon Johnson/Pat Brown

Passage of civil rights bill, much
more moderate than in our time

Nixon vetoes immigration bill,
which then fails, because Ted
Kennedy is not in Senate.

1968Rep. Nelson Rockefeller/George
Dem. Harold Hughes/John Connally

An economic slump and the
unpopularity of the Sarawak war
leads to a primary challenge
from Pete McCloskey which weakens his candidacy.
Senator Howard Baker becomes well-known
nationwide because of the Sarawak hearings.

1972Rep. Nelson Rockefeller/George
Dem. John Connally / John Lindsay

1976Rep./George Romney/Charles
Dem. John Connally / John Lindsay

1980Dem. Jerry Brown/Jimmy Carter
Rep. Howard Baker/Otis Bowen

1984Dem. Gary Hart/Alan Cranston
Rep. Howard Baker/Otis Bowen

1988Dem. Richard Gephardt/Albert Gore
Rep. Donald Rumsfeld/Jack

1992Dem. Richard Gephardt/Albert Gore
Rep. Julie Eisenhower/PIerre duPont

1996Dem. Paul Tsongas/Tom Harkin
Rep. Julie Eisenhower/PIerre duPont

2000Dem. Howard Dean/Bob Graham
Rep. PIerre duPont/Paul Findley

2004Dem. Bob Casey, Jr./Bill Richardson
Rep. PIerre duPont/Paul Findley

2008Dem. Bob Casey, Jr./Bill Richardson
Rep. Tommy Thompson/MIke


Dem. Mark Udall/Joe Manchin
Rep. Fred Thompson/MIchelle

Thompson dies in office. Bachman 
becomes President. She selects 
James Mattis for VP

2016Dem. Andrew Cuomo/Barbar Boxer
Rep. Michele Bachmann/James Mattis

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  1. Interesing but it would hang the road if Nixon isn't victim of the "Zero-year" curse who was broken by Ronald Reagan in 1981.

    I wonder what if JFK decided to let LBJ to run for presidency in 1960? Would LBJ being the victim of that curse? Would Barry Goldwater got better chances to win in 1964?