Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Answer to the Challenge

Okay, here's my answer to this challenge [link]. Anybody see any flaws in it?
1960Pat Brown (Cal.) - George Smathers (Fla.)Nelson A. Rockefeller (NY.) – Everett Dirksen (Ill.)

1964Eugene McCarthy (Minn.) – J. William Fulbright (Ark.)Nelson A. Rockefeller (NY.) – Everett Dirksen (Ill.)
1968John Connally (Tex.) – James Roosevelt  (Cal.)
Charles H. Percy (Ill.) – William Scranton (Penn.)
1972John Connally (Tex.) – James Roosevelt  (Cal.)William Scranton (Penn.) - Gordon A. Allott (Col.)
1976James Roosevelt  (Cal.) – John Glenn (Oh.)Phil Crane (Ill.) – Mark Hatfield (Ore.)

1980John Glenn (Oh.) – Jerry Brown (Cal.)
Phil Crane (Ill.) – Mark Hatfield (Ore.)
1984John Glenn (Oh.) – Jerry Brown (Cal.)John Tower (Tex.) – Alexander Haig (Penn.)
1988Jerry Brown (Cal.)  Richard Gephardt (Misso.)
Alexander Haig (Penn.) - Donald Rumsfeld (Ill.)
1992Jerry Brown (Cal. Richard Gephardt (Misso.)
Pat Buchanan (Virg.) – William L. Armstrong (Colo.)

1996Bob Kerrey (Nebr.) - Bob Casey (Penn.)Pat Buchanan (Virg.) – William L. Armstrong (Colo.)
2000Bob Kerrey (Nebr.)   - Bill Bradley (NJer.) 
Orrin Hatch (Ut.) - Haley Barbour (Missi.)
2004Bob Kerrey (Nebr.)   - Bill Bradley (NJer.) Tommy Thompson (Wisc.) - George Perdue (Geor.)
2008Bill Bradley (NJer.) - Evan Bayh (Ind.)
Sam Brownback (Kans.) - Mel Martinez (Fla.)
2012Bill Bradley (NJer.) - Evan Bayh (Ind.)Fred Thompson (Tenn.) (died in office 2015) - Duncan Hunter (Cal.)

2016Evan Bayh (Ind.) - John HIckenlooper (Colo.)Duncan Hunter (Cal.) - Jeff Sessions (Alab.)

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