Sunday, November 27, 2016

1960 Challenge

1964 Election: Symington/Smathers 288 Dirksen/Bennett 250
Here's a challenge for everybody. Create a timeline, starting with the 1960 election, in which the people who were nominated for President or VP in OTL were not nominated for either office by the Democrats or the Republicans up to the present. Naturally, that will mean that every President and VP since Eisenhower are different people from the ones who were in OTL.  That means Nixon was never nominated, either in 1960 or 1968 or any other year.  Ford can't be on your list because, though he didn't run for VP, but was appointed to the job by Nixon, he did run for President. On the other hand, Rockefeller, though he was VP, can be included because he was never nominated for President or for VP.

Just to be clear, you can't have people who were nominated for President being nominated for VP in your timeline, or vice versa. You can have people who tried to get nominated, like Gary Hart, Mike Huckabee, Fred Harris, etc.

And, do make your list either plausible or entertaining or both. And include graphics like the example above, if you like.

So, none of these can be on your list:
1960John F. Kennedy (Mass.) – Lyndon B. Johnson (Tex.)Richard Nixon (Calif.) – Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (Mass.)
1964Lyndon B. Johnson (Tex.) – Hubert Humphrey (Minn.)Barry Goldwater (Ariz.) – William E. Miller (N.Y.)
1968Hubert Humphrey (Minn.) – Edmund Muskie (Maine)Richard Nixon (Calif.) – Spiro Agnew (Md.)
1972George McGovern (S.D.) – Sargent Shriver (Md.)Richard Nixon (Calif.) – Spiro Agnew (Md.)
1976Jimmy Carter (Ga.) – Walter Mondale (Minn.)Gerald Ford (Mich.) – Bob Dole(Kan.)
1980Jimmy Carter (Ga.) – Walter Mondale (Minn.)Ronald Reagan (Calif.) – George H. W. Bush (Tex.)
1984Walter Mondale (Minn.) – Geraldine Ferraro (N.Y.)Ronald Reagan (Calif.) – George H. W. Bush (Tex.)
1988Michael Dukakis (Mass.) – Lloyd Bentsen (Tex.)George H. W. Bush (Tex.) – Dan Quayle (Ind.)
1992Bill Clinton (Ark.) – Al Gore(Tenn.)George H. W. Bush (Tex.) – Dan Quayle (Ind.)
1996Bill Clinton (Ark.) – Al Gore(Tenn.)Bob Dole (Kan.) – Jack Kemp(N.Y.)
2000Al Gore (Tenn.) – Joe Lieberman (Conn.)George W. Bush (Tex.) – Dick Cheney (Wyo.)
2004John Kerry (Mass.) – John Edwards (N.C.)George W. Bush (Tex.) – Dick Cheney (Wyo.)
2008Barack Obama (Ill.) – Joe Biden (Del.)John McCain (Ariz.) – Sarah Palin (Alaska)
2012Barack Obama (Ill.) – Joe Biden (Del.)Mitt Romney (Mass.) – Paul Ryan (Wis.)
2016Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) – Tim Kaine (Va.)Donald Trump (N.Y.) – Mike Pence (Ind.)

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