Monday, November 14, 2016

William Jennings Bryant Puzzle

This site has become moribund, so I'm going to issue a challenge in the form of a what-if: Suppose this:

1914: in a plot reminiscent of the Lincoln assassination, an anarchist group plans the murder of President Wilson, Vice President Marshall, and Wilson's cabinet officers. They successfully assassinated Treasury Secretary McAdoo and President Wilson. Vice President Marshall was severely wounded but sworn in as the 29th President. But he passed away three weeks later from his wounds. Secretary of State Wm Jennings Bryan is sworn in as our 30th President and swears to continue the policies of President Wilson.

How does this change WWI, WWII and the rest of history up to our time?

Let's say there will be two categories to judge your responses — Most believable or plausible, and most imaginative/entertaining.

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